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The Big Spit - Starboard Cockpit

October 11 2010 at 10:36 PM

Ted Preston  (Login TeddieP)
HyperScale Forums
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At the end of our last episode, detailing of the Spitfire starboard cockpit wall had begun. Scraps of rod and sprue were cut, sanded and trimmed to replicate the various and sundry wiring, piping and other bits seen in reference photos - most of which I must confess I have no idea what in heck they actually are:
[linked image]
Other instruments were scratch-built and later painted separately:
[linked image]
The Waldron placards and that undercarriage lever assembly sure look cool when installed:
[linked image]
And when the dashboard assembly is added, the whole thing is really starting to come together and look like an actual 'busy' cockpit:
[linked image]
Okay, now on to the 'port' fuselage, then the pilot figure, and closing up this baby!

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