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The Big Spit Cockpit Almost Done!

November 11 2010 at 3:45 PM

Ted Preston  (Login TeddieP)
HyperScale Forums
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Hey Ho Fellow Airfixers! The first gentle dusting of snow is falling outside, so what better time than to indulge in some quality modelling time! We left off last time with some detail added to the port cockpit wall:
[linked image]
On the cockpit door, the door latch mechanism has been scratched together with bits of wire, stretched sprue rod and plastic card:
[linked image]
The door is glued in place, and the radiator flap handle added:
[linked image]
Port cockpit painted, with the various cockpit controls tacked on:
[linked image]
Now we're moving on to the pilot, and work starts by replacing the headphones on the sides of the helmet. "Hey, somebody get this rod outta my head, will ya!":
[linked image]
Some colour added to our boy. I carved away the molded on face mask that hung to the right side (left side in the photo) of the pilot's helmet. I'm going to add a new face mask that he'll be wearing in flight:
[linked image]
Okay, here's where I need some expert help. I know where the oxygen hose plugs in on the starboard side of the cockpit, where where the heck does the radio lead plug in?:
[linked image]
Once the pilot is done, the tailwheel will have to be installed before the fuselage sides are closed up. I'm not really keen on using the rubber tires that come with the 1/24 scale Spitfire. I found a plastic replacement in the spares box that's pretty close in size:
[linked image]
I chucked the plastic tire in a Dremel tool and ran some sandpaper over it while it was turning to reshape and resize the tire. Then I drilled out the centre. It looks pretty darn close to the rubber original:
[linked image]
The kit rubber tire:
[linked image]
And the plastic replacement:
[linked image]
A bonus pic of the model man cave - my favourite spot in the house!:
[linked image]
A nicely cluttered workbench. The way it should be!:
[linked image]
Here's wishing all of you a safe Remembrance Day (Veteran's Day to my American cousins), and I offer a heartfelt salute to all of you and yours who may be serving in the Armed Forces today and putting themselves in harm's way. May The Creator protect you and guide you home again. To ALL who have served in the past, I offer many, many thanks for your work and your sacrifice.

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