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Like a hurricane - part I

April 24 2012 at 6:30 PM

William De Coster  (Login eazyprinz)
HyperScale Forums
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Greetings everybody

Last Sunday I started my Hurricane

About 30 years ago (this makes me feel old) in my teens - I had bought this


I build it in just a few days (and I hope to be able to repeat this now)


Not my best build back then


Hand painted


I solved the wing gap problem with strips of Evergreen

They are a bit too high - it was an experiment I never repeated again


Another issue I remember was the (now very dusty and dirty) canopy

The bottom of the windshield didn't touch the fuselage - and I had to use again a piece of Evergreen to remedy this


Silvering decals - a problem that really didn't keep me awake back then


Over the years some of them even started to lift off


But it's a Hurricane - and the only Mk.I in my collection so far


And now it's time for another one

Initially I wanted to do a Belgian fabric wing version - but this is a subject I want to do justice and this old Airfix kit is just too much work for this

So we go OOB

I think Stanford Tucks mount will be a great addition to the collection


All the parts

Note the broken prop blade


Not exactly a very complicated kit


With a two part interior


Though I added a control column


Closing the fuselage


Knowing about the wing gap problem on this kit - I first glued the top wing parts to the fuselage


No gap happy.gif !


Of course aligning the full span bottom wing part now might be a problem, so we removed all the locating pins


The wheel bay was kinda empty - so we quickly throw some plastic card in it


The bottom wing part was glued in position at the centre - pretty good fit by the way


When almost dry - the outer wing parts will be glued together




And a night under some tape secured a good dihedral


The horizontal stabs were almost a good fit


The only real problem was revealed the next day (today)

I should've used my mouse traps !


Otherwise things looked good


No gaps happy.gif !


But of course - I had to have the mandatory glue finger print - right on the fuselage fabric - where else?

I hope I can buff this out...


I quickly painted the insides of the wing lights silver

And I added some filler - old habit - can't leave it


Wheelbay was shot in Vallejo Model Air Chrome - as it was already on my desk - within hand reach


Quickly cleaning up the overspray - with Vallejo airbrush cleaner


I know this is not a very exciting story

But trying to assemble this kit without too many gaps was a nice challenge which gave me much enjoyment - and satisfaction

The next challenge is now to paint it in just a few days

Friday I will post an announcement for the combined Plastic Pix post - but participants can already send me one or more pictures of their Hurricane(s) - I intend to post this on May 1st

Thanks for your interest - bless you all Airfix critters

* * *
William De Coster / Belgium be.png / Plastic Stories

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Just like the perfect woman doesn't exist, I will never build a perfect model.
Puts me on a par with God

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