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AMEGB KB-29M Update #1

May 7 2012 at 2:06 PM

Eduardo Mitchell  (Login Pucara_a-537)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

Here's the continuation of the KM-29M build & conversion!

[linked image]

Airfix's B-29 is a bit of a beast - hardly surprising since it's 46 yrs. old... (only one year younger than yours truly wink.gif )
So after FINALLY succeeding in digging up a scale drawing (to be taken with a pinch of sat nevertheless...) and doing some comparison with same and pictures I found certain discrepancies; none of them important enough to really have to do something about them (no more hangar queens please!).

[linked image]

Checking the "fit" of Academy's cockpit floor & forward wheel well I found out that Airfix's wheel well opening is 4mm too short. After some surgery (the 4mm were taken from the front of the wheel well) it's just beginning to fit! Well that is wishful thought wink.gif... I'll have to extend the wheel well's doors 4mm later on.

[linked image]

Once the wheel well is corrected the landing gear is in the position both Academy AND the pictures of the actual B-29 place it!

[linked image]

Now comes what I consider the BORING part of any project: "if you have ill fitting pieces - we have the Filler!" It's Tamiya filler -hour.

Regarding Tamiya filler: I usually despise brand-snobbery! So I avoided Tamiya-branded supplies like the devil... until one afternoon three years ago when my then-beloved "Plasto" (Revell's filler) was nowhere to be found - I was forced to buy Tamiya filler. It was excellent!!! Barring the epoxy two component fillers like MIlliput it's the best of the one-component plastic solvent -based filler happy.gif

NOW what I would REALLY like is to find out the original filler maker to be able to save on the "designer" filler and again be able to smugly feel "holier-than-thou" and point my finger at Tamiya-buying as snobbery! wink.gif

As you might have noticed I actually held the two fuselage halves together during sanding - I find it helps me keep the shape of the fuselage.

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

Next boring and demanding task: engraving the Airfix beast... The million ten-inch rivets and the inaccurately placed panel lines were removed with the help of my ever faithful supply of "dry-and-wet" and a lot of elbow oil (I actually did this BEFORE filling the gaps). Once I had sanded down the second (but not the last...) layer of filler I started to engrave the fuselage. I use Dymo tape to help me keep straight panel lines - especially in the beginning.

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

After a few hours of repanelling I needed a break from it - and then I tried an idea I had to improve the cowling's cooling gills:

[linked image]

Witn the help of my power drill I routed away most of the thick inner section of the gils - then I used very thin (actually photo-etched) saws to form the interstices between the gill panels... I thin it looks ok now - at least better than the scale cement block Airfix would have us believe the '29 jugs had.

Next - more filler and repaneling! Urk...

Cheers, Eduardo Mitchell (IPMS Gothenburg, SWEDEN)

Almost finished: DC-2 GCE, Canadair Mk.4 112 Sqn. RAF, Mirage IIIEA I-016 FAA
WIP: AMEGB KB-29M USAF in Korea, Bristol Freighter Mk.1 FAA, Gloster Meteor Mk.4 C-019 FAA, Spitfire mk.22 Egypt
Waiting for parts: An-74 IRGC Iran

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