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A time-warp back to the MFAKGB ....

May 28 2012 at 1:42 PM

Neil Scrimgeour  (Login neilscrim)
HyperScale Forums
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(for newcomers MFAKGB= My First Airfix Kit Group Build)

Long time lurkers to this area may remember I did a loco for the MFAK:

And before that build I'd converted an Airfix QLT into civilian guise specifically to go with the loco project.

I planned to build a little diorama for them with this kind of layout:

[linked image]

After this point, life got in the way but every now and then I dipped back into the project. My main problem was finding suitable figures. Now, you would have thought getting railway figures would have been easy, but no. The poses either weren't available or frighteningly expensive (£10+ for 6 figs and I only wanted 2). I wasn't getting anywhere so I decided to axe this layout.

The project was put on the back burner ... again. After a while I came up with another idea and built a bankside, the only problem was I couldn't include the QL. After much sucking of teeth I decided that this layout didn't work either.

[linked image]

Logic told me to re-start the whole diorama from scratch but I really couldn't be ar$ed to do that so I hatched another idea that allowed me to include the QL. What I needed was a building and some time ago I'd been given a couple of old Airfix signal boxes already pre-built.

[linked image]

They wouldn't work for my needs but I decided to use one of them as a skeleton for a new building. Out with the mini drill with its lethal cutting blade and I ended up with this:

[linked image]

After much planning (and more sucking of teeth) I built a couple of skins to go on the signal box.

[linked image]

These were glued onto the skeleton but it needed a fair bit of pre-planning work. The brick pattern walls look plain so I'll need to add bits of interest like lighting, pipes, fans, cabling, guardrail. BTW, the roof will probably be corrugated sheet.

Oh, one other thing, there'll be a guardrail by that door so someone won't go falling over the edge of the platform ... happy.gif

Who knows when the next 'gripping' installment will be posted, it's taken me months to get this far as it is happy.gif

[linked image]


If you wake up in the morning feeling like you've had it, be grateful.

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