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AOKGB Fairey Firefly Finished and other

June 26 2012 at 7:09 AM

Fred Coulson  (Login fredcoulson)
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Airfix Firefly FR4 - TW730/231 - 816 Squadron RAN, Eglinton UK, 1948
The kit has had some work done on it particularly as I wanted to replace the cockpit and observer canopy and add some detail.
Basically the overall kit is just slight under scale and the fuselage slightly too narrow. Whilst the latter is OK for the kits transparencies it required work to fit a Falcon canopy. The opportunity was also take to add a bit more detail Overall the work comprised
- Increase the length at the nose by approx 1.5mm
- Deepen the underside of the nose by approx 1.5mm
- Increase the width of the fuselage tapering from the nose to tail between 0-2mm at the fuselage and back to 0 at the tail
- Increase the wing chord by 2mm at the center section of the trailing edge
- Build an interior for the pilot and the observer
- Add detail to the wheel wells
- Sand and do a basic re-scribe
- Replace the observer canopy with one from Falcon and the pilot one came c/- a SH Firefly
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

After filling and sanding I hand painted the kit using Model Master Sky Type S, with Polly Scale Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey.

Decals came c/- of the spares box or various sets of Xtradecals for the roundels or the printer DIY.

Thanks to Danielle for the reference material she made available to the build

Special Hobby Firefly AS6 - WJ111/255/J - 814 Squadron FAA, HMS Eagle, 1952
OK it wears the above markings only due to a disaster with the decals and it should have been an FR5, WB342, HMS Glory, and could not be bothered to remove the guns etc .
Its the basic Special Hobby kit, OOB nothing special done to it than the decals.
I will say that after building the two kits I think the Airfix one, despite the additional work was the more enjoyable of the two.
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

The rest of the Painting and Decaling Party
I have been building up a stock of FAA aircraft, which started during the Pacific GB and never got around to painting them and finishing them. Working on the Firefly seemed to be a perfect time to rectify this so when hand painting started on the Fireflys I also did these three stragglers. So here they are
[linked image]

Jays Seafire 47, VP461/178/P 800 Squadron FAA, HMS Triumph, 1950
Not a kit for a beginner, but certainly nice external details. Limited run plastic kit the one I had suffered some poor moulding which resulted in some external dimples. Went together reasonably well but required a reasonable amount of filler. Replaced the prop blades with some from the Airfix PR XIX, and the wheel doors from a Xtrakit Spitfire 22. Decals as per the kit. Rocket and rails from the spares box. Overall an interesting build, just be prepared for the sanding and filing down.
[linked image]

Trumpeter Hawker Sea Fury FB11 WE683/109/ST - 1831 Squadron FAA, RNAS Stretton, 1953

This originally started off as an Airfix Sea Fury, but after a few hours I was not happy with the overall appearance, particularly the wheel wells. So it was sent to the spares and replaced by the Trumpeter kit.

Basically OOB, nice kit not many issues, kit decals. Just noticed still need to paint the exhaust panel DOH!
[linked image]

Hobby Boss Wildcat IV FN146/09-L - 893 Squadron FAA, Algeria, 1943

I have looked the 1/72 Hobby Boss kits on the shelves for some time and wondered what they were like. I was quite surprised when I opened the box and saw the solid lumps that lay inside. But the details seemed Ok and I decide what the heck, and built it. Very quick build some minor filling and sanding but a pleasant surprise. Decals from Xtradecals Yanks with Roundels Part 1
[linked image]

So a rather busy few months on these kits, and whilst waiting for the paint to dry I have satrted on an Airfix Fairey Fulmar



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