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Hope to catch up with some of you Airfix critters at ScaleACT this weekend - just

May 24 2012 at 12:07 AM
Graham Carter  (Login gcarter17)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

look for a grey-bearded middle-ager . . . oh bugger , that will cover 90% of the people here!! , except the 'delightful Danni', of course, and Barbara , but I fear she lives too far away..

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Andrew D
(Login ajd100)
HyperScale Forums

I'll be there - and I have no beard

May 24 2012, 12:46 AM 

And not too much grey hair. Or hair, for that matter. happy.gif

Hope to see you on Saturday Graham.



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(Login The_Venom_Vixen)
HyperScale Forums

Just for the record

May 25 2012, 3:23 AM 

I dont have a beard either.

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Simon Wolff
(Login Slywolff)
HyperScale Forums

I'll be hair also...... plenty of grey...

May 24 2012, 7:05 AM 

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Steve Crane
(Login pepperman42)
HyperScale Forums

I wish I was going to be there...

May 24 2012, 7:49 AM 

...and I have a full head of bone.....

I was clean,shaved and sober and I didnt care who knew it.

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(Login nonID)
HyperScale Forums

Just be thankful you have got some left Simon....

May 24 2012, 6:32 PM 

..that isn't doing bad after the number of builds you have done!!!!



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Li Choo
(Login an-dy)
HyperScale Forums

Looking forward to catch up with some competing Airfix kits

May 24 2012, 8:30 AM 

Unfortunately I am at the last stages of completion so time is very precious hence no pictures until its all over.
Please bring your Halifaxes if possible


I said "Dart Gun", not a....
Gru - Despicable Me

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Claus Dam
(Login ManusNigra)
HyperScale Forums

deleted - was just too darn silly n/m

May 25 2012, 1:24 AM 

This message has been edited by ManusNigra from IP address on May 25, 2012 4:28 AM

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Colin Ford
(Login ColFord)
HyperScale Forums

And Here is the Photographic Proof

May 26 2012, 8:51 AM 

Taken at Saturday's session of the ACTSMS ScaleACT 2012 Model show in Canberra, Australia, some of the Airfix GB participants meet. Graham is the grey bearded one holding the Airfix poster

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Colin Ford

No.268 Squadron Royal Air Force 1940-1946
Historian by Appointment
(by the surviving Squadron members)

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William De Coster
(Login eazyprinz)
HyperScale Forums

Must've been early in the day ?

May 27 2012, 9:10 AM 

Nobody with any stash additions in both hands and/or on the back ?

Good to see some faces - must've been a great show, I mean a show with a Moss (first time a see one) can't be a bad show

* * *
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David Clark
(Login bremnerclark)
HyperScale Forums

It was taken at about lunchtime

May 27 2012, 7:49 PM 

Outside the main hall. All our stash additions were back inside, stowed safely in various places (mine at the back of the Red Roo stand). (I'm the other extinguished-looking one with a beard.)

A man can't have too many flying boats ...

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