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Re: After the '52 High Nos. What is the Scarcest High No. Series

April 3 2009, 8:45 AM 

Lordy. I thought Peter C. had returned. I didn't realize that this was an old thread.

Ted Zanidakis
(Login tedzan)


April 3 2009, 9:54 AM 

EMAIL sent regarding your question.


marty q
(Login mighty-q)

Re: After the '52 High Nos. What is the Scarcest High No. Series

April 3 2009, 3:04 PM 

peter c-, the 75 minis are not only common but maybe more so than the 75 set itself in high grade. take a look at the r.e.a. auction....a ton of case after case of the 75 mini's, even a lot of high grade of 20,000+ cards. this issue is far from scarce, with all of this unopend material i would stay away from these unless you get then for pennies on the dollar,

i agree with ted z- leaf cards are tough , 50 bowman yes, and also high grade 49 bowman 155-225 for me.

"""lol""" oh geez !!! i did the same thing, i thought peter c was up and running, thats too funny!!!

i will keep my post up just to show how off this guy was most of the time.

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(Login gimble200)

Scarcest High No. Series

April 4 2009, 6:14 PM 

After many years building sets, buying, selling and trading, I believe this is an accurate list of high number difficulty. In order from most scarce to easiest to find. In EX condition or better.
1949 Leaf
1952 Topps
1949 Bowman
1950 Bowman Low Numbers
1966 Short Prints
1967 Short Prints
1953 Topps Short Prints
1957 Mid Series
1953 Bowman Color Mid Series
1951 Bowman
1952 Bowman
1955 Topps
1963 Mid Series
1958 Low Numbers

(Login dodgersin9)

Re: After the '52 High Nos. What is the Scarcest High No. Series

April 14 2009, 6:01 PM 

I'm surprised noone has mentioned '72 hi numbers. I realize they are a little newer, but they have always been tough.

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