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Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009 at 1:58 PM
Paul Carek  (Login sheboyganindian)

For me, it was opening packs of 1973 Topps, purchased from the concession stand at Pee Wee Park, the little league field in Bowling Green, Ohio. I remember how the wax paper felt, how the gum smelled, and how much of a bummer it was to realize, the following spring, how "old-fashioned" my stack of about 200 cards had suddenly become.

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Phil Garry
(Login bcbgcbrcb)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 2:11 PM 

For me it was opening up 1977 Topps packs and putting together my first hand collated set. I especially liked Dave Parker and the Pittsburgh Pirates back then.....


Steve F
(Login fdnyladder7)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 2:23 PM 

Flipping cards on the sidewalk for 1967 and '68 Topps Red Sox and Bruins cards. I generally lost as most of the kids were older, thus more crafty. These are the same slugs that years earlier would trade me their nickels for my dimes, "Nickels are better, 'cuz they're bigger, like quarters!"

Michael Steele
(Login sox1903wschamp)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 2:48 PM 

Opening 1966 Topps packs and then cutting the "rookie stars" cards in two to have more cards happy.gif.

Then in 1967, growing up in Watertown, MA, I went crazy buying the Topps Red Sox stickers test issue. I had those stickers all over everything. Drove my Mom crazy. Had to have a couple hundered of them. My best Friend had even more. It was like an arms race. He had them stuck all over his room.

(Login JohnnyHarmonica)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 3:05 PM 

It was december of 1978 in Little Falls MN, we had just finished a Squirt Hockey game against them and won which was huge because we always lost to them. I scored my first goal ever that day and was on cloud 9 !! We were on our way home and stopped at a gas station and in the store I was looking at all the candy and my dad handed me a pack of hockey cards, I didn't know what they were but after getting in the car and opening them up, well, I've been addicted ever since.


(Login bearcat-doug)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 4:02 PM 

I always enjoyed going to the local drug store as a kid and buying 1985 Topps wax packs.

(Login RayBShotz)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 4:10 PM 

1868 Topps. I bought tons of packs. When 69's came out I passed along a huge shoebox of 68's to a cousin. Boy I wish I had those now.

edited to note: Still have a bunch of my childhood 69's.

Paul Carek
(Login sheboyganindian)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 4:15 PM 

1868 Topps? How old are you, anyway, Ray?


David McDonald
(Login DavidMcDonald)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 4:38 PM 

It was 1956 and I was six years old. I had eight or nine cards from somebody who thought "give 'em to the kid". I had never seen a baseball card before then. I was playing with them on the floor in my room. Amongst them I distinctly remember a '54 Topps Ernie Banks and a '56 Topps Del Ennis. Loved that little Cubbie on the Banks and loved the way Ennis leapt in to the air. Started collecting Topps in '57, nickle a pack. Always carried my rubberbanded stack to school. My Uncle Harry owned a cigar store in Brooklyn. One time he surprised me with a whole box; Gluttony became my first Deadly Sin. Thanks, Uncle Harry. He had the most awesome candy counter in his store. How I yearn to time-travel back to those days. Think I better go BIN some cardboard, maybe a nice '54 Banks. Maybe the feeling would pass.
[linked image]


(Login hrbaker)

My First Pack

February 25 2009, 4:39 PM 

I remember buying a pack of 1966 Topps @ IGA and pulling a Sonny Seibert.

Paul Carek
(Login sheboyganindian)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 25 2009, 4:48 PM 

Love the "whole box" story, David. I received a whole box of '74 Topps as a First Communion present and felt like I was (ahem) in heaven.


mark s.
(Login sando69)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 26 2009, 3:27 AM 

[linked image]

we've been together for almost 50 years!

it was late in the fall of 1959 & i had been recently indoctorinated to the world of sports by virtue of the hometown dodgers' world series victory over the chicago white sox. one afternoon, as i was walking out of wally's pharmacy on fair oaks ave in altadena, ca, i noticed a small picture card resting, scuffed & beaten near the curb... it was a "trading" card of paul hornung. and altho i had NO idea whatsoever who this guy or his team was (the green bay packers?), i captured the card, the card captured my heart, and a lifelong bond was immediately forged!
before long i had discovered the la rams & was purchasing cello packs of 1959 topps football as often as my 10 cent weekly allowance permitted... which was once a week!

it was the following spring however, that i discovered my lasting passion and can remember buying one 1960 topps baseball wax pack for a nickel at wally's then walking up fair oaks to the corner store/soda fountain & spending the other nickel from my allowance on a wax pack of 1960 fleer all-time greats... 12 cards that entertained & educated me for an entire week while bridging the historical gap between babe ruth, ty cobb & cy young and willie mays, mickey mantle & sandy koufax! ahhh... those certainly WERE the days!

still have that '59 topps hornung & altho it would only grade poor to fair, it is safely stored in a card saver & treated like a treasure... as it's sentimental value to me belies it's collectible value (or lack thereof) to anyone else.
but, isn't that what collecting is really about?

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Ted Zanidakis
(Login tedzan)

Exactly 60 years ago.....when....

February 26 2009, 4:00 AM 

I opened up the Red-White-Blue LEAF packs in 1949 to find Babe Ruth's, Joe DiMaggio's, Ted Williams', Stan Musial's,
Jackie Robinson's....and, many more clorful BB cards of my favorite players.

.......................1949 Bowman....................................................1949 Leaf

[linked image]



Chris Counts
(Login ccmcnutt)

Your first card-collecting memory

February 26 2009, 8:09 AM 

In the spring of 1970, when I was nine, my mom sent me to the grocery store to buy some broccoli. For reasons I have never been able to explain, I spent the money on baseball cards. As I was walking home, my dad drove by and picked me up. I explained to him what happened and he took it in stride, driving back to the grocery store, where he bought some broccoli and some more baseball cards. These were 1970 Topps cards, and I recall the posters that came with them. Ollie Brown was in the first pack and Willie Davis was in the second. I was hooked then and I still am ...


Jim VB
(Login jvb6034)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 26 2009, 12:00 PM 

I've told this story before, but here goes. As a little kid we lived in NYC. (I'm talking late 1950's to mid 1960's.) My Dad worked for the A&P Grocery chain, in their Brooklyn plant in the old Bush Terminal. He was the Superintendent of Shipping and Receiving. One of his duties was to co-ordinate the trash pick up at the plant. This put him in contact with the trash hauler who also handled the Topps plant nearby. Knowing that my Dad had 2 sons, he would often drop off uncut sheets that Topps was throwing out for some reason.

My older brother and I would spend many nights at the kitchen table cutting all these sheets into cards, with scissors. I'm not talking about a sheet or two. I'm talking hundreds of sheets per year.

Of course, at the time, sheets had no value, but cards were still cards.

Bob Manning
(Login Theoldeprofessor)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 26 2009, 4:55 PM 

First card memory:

Seeing several neighborhood kids trading '49 Leafs, including Babe Ruth. Since I was only seven, and had no ATM card, all I could do was watch (and wonder why anybody would want a card of a guy who hadn't played ball in years!)

Best card memory:

In those years, boys and girls, cards came out in series. What would prove to be the last series of '53 Topps never got to my little town. But a friend had found a pack in a larger burg nearby. For my birthday, my dad drove me there, and we bought a BOX of them. WOW!!! I was in heaven on the way home, mainly because there were so many Pirates, and, oh yeah, Willie Mays. And yes, I still have every one. In sheets.

(Login wolfdogg)


February 26 2009, 7:04 PM 

It was around March 1982. A cousin of mine had started collecting cards in 1981. He came down and mentioned to me and another cousin of ours that we should start collecting cards so we could trade around. Sooooooo.....I went home and asked my older brother if he had ever collected. he said that he had some in his room in a drawer, to go look. I went in there and......1975 and 1976 Topps cards including a 1975 Munson and Frank Robinson. I then started stopping every day after school to get my 30 cent pack of Topps, Donruss or Fleer. The rest is history........(I remember getting Football cards and Hockey cards back in those years---1981s and 1982s.....we used to "flip" the football cards....we had probably 20-25 Montana Rookies between us.....all with dinged up corners....I remember having a 5000 ct box of football at one one time from years 1981-1986......there was like 10-15 each of Montana, Elway, Marino and Rice RCs.....sold the whole box for like $50 bucks........not to mention the Gretzky cards)

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David M
(Login GasHouseGang)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 26 2009, 7:13 PM 

So Jim, do you remember the earliest sheet you ever got to cut up? Was it only baseball, or did you get to cut up other sports and non-sports? Wow, that had to be quite a treat as a kid! I'm jealous. My earliest baseball card memory is getting the game cards out of the 1968 Topps. It's funny, I don't remember the cards themselves, but there was just something about those game cards... And my earliest card memory is the 1966 Batman. We all loved Batman as kid. Sorry, even before we liked baseball!


Jim VB
(Login jvb6034)

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 26 2009, 8:39 PM 

I was born in 1955, so I don't remember much of the early years of cutting. My brother was born in 1946, so he was the chief culprit in the 1956-1961 range. I do remember cutting the 1962's with that wood grain edging. Then, suddenly, around 1965, our supply dried up and I never knew why. At that same time, the A&P was consolidating 3 plants into a new facility upstate NY and we moved. Until recently I always assumed that was the reason for no more free cards. Years later, I found that was when Topps had moved their printing to Duryea, PA.

I don't remember cutting anything other than baseball, but I could be wrong.


Dan Bretta
(Login slidekellyslide)
Network 54 Moderator

Re: Your first card-collecting memory

February 28 2009, 5:24 PM 

My first baseball card memories are cutting out the cards off of boxes of HoHo's and Twinkies....I also recall getting the 3D cards out of Frosted Flakes. I'm not sure which of those events took place first, but I can distinctly recall both of them. I'm pretty sure my first pack of cards I bought was 1975. I remember a kid coming to school with a small stack of the colorful 75's and thinking they were about the coolest things I'd ever seen.

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