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Yes Johnny...

August 4 2008 at 6:55 PM

Jeff P  (Login pad617)

Response to Did you see my post below...?

I took a look at yours to see what kind of spread you were getting. Is the only change that you made was to the hammer spring? I'd like to see what the UK spring looks like. I didn't have good luck with the factory hammer and a lighter (2260) spring.

I ground the hammer down to reduce its weight. I used a 2260 hammer spring for the string above. However the more I shot it my beginning shots dropped in velocity slightly. I had the power adjuster screwed almost all of the way in(1.5 turns out) and maybe the spring began to fatigue? Anyway I went back to the factory spring and cut a few coils off. It is a stouter spring. Now the power adjuster is barely preloading the spring and I'm getting between 30-35 good shots with an average of 785fps with an ES of 24fps. Hopefully it will stay this way.

Jeff P

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