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best @25yrds. for me

August 20 2008 at 7:32 AM
Bob Saum  (Login saumbi)

Response to What seems to be the pellet of choice in .22...

the best in my gun are beeman field target special and crossman premier domed, under 3/8" for 10 to 15 shot groups!! and can use the same scope settings, beeman kodiak and the polymer tipped predator's also shoot under 1/2" consistanly but shoot low and left for the kodiaks and and left about an 1" for the predators! If I shoot 5 shot groups the special field & the premiers will usually do a 1/4" or better for 5 shots, kodiak's and predator's 5 shot groups usualy run 3/8" to 1/2" hope this helps I bought a lot of different pellets and these are all I will use now. I'm getting this kind of performance off a bench and using 10 power setting on my scope which has adjustable paralax, on a calm to light breeze day. I like this gun!!!

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