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Doug, ,I considered and "o" ring setup. ..BUT...

August 21 2008 at 6:19 PM
james  (Login jimairgun)

Response to Re: That's how I fit QB bands

Yes, if you have a lathe boring setup, yes I guess it would be a snap.Not all of us have access to lathes or machine shops or are master machinists.

But even so, the "o" ring setup dose NOTHING for the long term stability of the band to the air tube.. the very foundation of the band support.

If that band moves radially around the air tube with a good side bump, trusty me , that barrels POI will move "O" ring or not.You still need to properly and strongly affix that band to the air tube to prevent movement if banged or bumped in the field.

Epoxy bedding the top barrel hole is no big deal and when done ,you have a perfectly formed band that allows the barrel to move yet is very takes about $.50 worth of two part epoxy, paste wax or clear shoe polish,and some lacquer thinner .It could literally be done on a kitchen table.

And once you are done, you have a nearly bullet proof barrel band setup that is firmly anchored to the air tube and yet allows the barrel to be a perfectly slip fit in the upper hole.No fretting about with "o" ring sizes and/or expensive lathe boring setups.

That's just my take on it..

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