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Crows are tough....and protected....

September 28 2008 at 11:11 AM
Doug Owen  (Login DKOwen)

Response to 22 disco low on power?

Crows are tough for sure. Very strong birds, heavy feathers that interlock on the wings. Consider those feather have to hold the bird up in flight. When folded up, they act like modern body armor, spreading the impact out. Typically all you get is a feather or two and a pissed off bird. The 'sweet spot' is really about the size of a ping pong ball. IMO the range is too long for such shots with a Discovery unless you have some serious time in at that range and know the range to target very well.

However, you might want to check the Hunting Regs. American Crows are migratory, therefore Federally protected by treaty with our neighbors (actually four different treaties). There are limited seasons for sport hunting, and then it's "shotgun only" even for very 'airgun friendly' states like here in California. Unless you have a Depredation Permit for Crows listing airguns, they are not legal to shoot unless it's within season, with a license, following all the rules (like 150 yards from the neighbors house here in California) and so on. And then only with shotguns.

Doug Owen

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