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Re: Disco on CO2

January 28 2009 at 7:35 PM

D R  (Login DRGreysun)

Response to Re: Disco on CO2

Hi David,
Being you are new PCP/Co2 rifles you need to know there is allot more to powering a Discovery on Co2 than just filling it and start shooting. You can of course do just that
but consider this. The Discovery is set up to use a 2000 psi power source, compressed air.
Co2 on the other hand is somewhere around 900 psi! The stock striker spring is designed to function between 2000 psi and 1200 psi. So what do you think is going to happen when it works against 900 to 700 psi! I'll tell ya, it's going to waste a bunch of gas per shot and that wasted gas is going to be NOISE! If you want to use Co2 with any efficiency you need to take it back to the 2260 from where it came. Real simple to do just replace the striker spring with the 2240/50/60 spring. Even after the spring change I don't think you could call it 'quite'. Now with your 'power adjuster' you MAY be able to get 600 fps!
The noise level will go up appropriately. No free lunch my friend, just the way it is!


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