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You won't be sorry

February 14 2009 at 11:26 AM

bbgunbob  (Login bbgunbob)

Response to Ordered a Disco today...

I'm sure you will be more than satisfied with your new Disco.
A lot of people buy the high end rifles Air Arms,Condors etc. which is OK but for the money spent for 1 rifle I have 2 Discos one in .22 and one in .177.
As the old saying goes "one for Feathers and one for Fur"
In the future look to getting the little Benjamin bottle and regulator.They are a nice item to have.Small compact and will refill your Disco 6-7 times,and your Scuba tank can fill the small tank about the same amount of times!! I put the power adjuster on my .22D and have to say it does not impress me.
As we speak I'm in the process of sanding down the crude .177 Disco stock and making it more of a looker,under that dipped dark brown stain they use is a beautiful piece of walnut,I'm sure you have seen pic's of my .22 with custom pin stripped stock and clear butt plate spacer.May I also mention a Rick from Mich. Muzzle break for around $35 bucks it will become as quiet as a Daisy BB Gun.

Happy Birthday!
Enjoy your new toy !!!

BBGun Bob

Air Guns Create Questions????
Together we can write the answers!!

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