Walmart (Box store) Service

February 25 2009 at 2:14 AM

Brian  (Login bowhunt)

Response to Try some suggestions...


I appreciate your input but I guess I don't quite understand. I can believe the rattle being a component of the valve/fill stem, what I can't see is, why the gun would not be leaking out of the barrel instead of around the pressure gage opening in the resevoir, if it was caused by the valve not seating. Another thing I don't quite understand is your comment about Pyramyd's service falling to Walmart standards...yet you seem to be ok with receiving a new $400 gun that you have to fiddle with to make work. Would you be ok with buying a new car that you had to make adjustments to the fuel injection to make it run? If your not willing to fix it you could just take it to your mechanic and for a few extra bucks he can make sure it's running like new for you. If not, maybe you should buy a bicycle, they are much simpler. It's not that I'm not willing to try the simple things, It's just that I shouldn't have to. I just bought a new T/C Omega 50 cal. muzzleloader (only $325) and I didn't have to do anything out of the ordinary to get that to fire for the first time. Does Mac1 fire your rifle and make sure it works before they send it to you? I guess that is all I was expecting from Crosman (most would agree that's not asking too much). Once again, this is not an issue with my inability to understand and deal with "The complexities of an airgun" especially since I have repaired, restored, and owned many, most of which have not given me an ounce of trouble, especially not right out of the box (ones repaired and restored had been neglected by someone else). This is, however, an issue with a company with poor quality assurance.

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