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That's a good illustration of the problem...

March 12 2009 at 6:43 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Been shooting mine..

..some have no issues with POI shifting at all, while others wander around at unexpected times. IF there was a consistent problem, would be easy to fix.

Will tell you of one test fix. take off the muzzle brake/sight base. Put ONE layer of PLASTIC tape on the concave section that is supose to fit against the gas tube. trim it so it looks need and doesn't stick out. Slightly pull up on the barrel as you slide the brake/sight base back on. This give a little more tension, a little more contact, hopfully enough to stabalize the system.
roigainally, mine had a problem with POI shifting. In my case, noticed the reciever was not a great fit to the gas tube. The transfer port was a little long (or the two recesses it fit into a little shallow....who knows?). Gun was playing teeter-totter on that raised transfer port. Stoned the transfer port a bit shorter, teeter -totter stopped, rifles sight in stayed put.

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