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June 19 2009 at 1:26 PM

Luis  (Login Rookie37)

Response to Installing Studs for a bipod. Need Help!

I didn't get to respond to your email last night on my post with the Disco.

First I used bed liner beacuse it has good texture and is a rubber finish. This stuff is very forgiving when applying. I gave it 5 coats and feels like it can take some punishment. I think paint would be very smooth and shiny and I didn't want to have to deeal with finger prints as waqs going for a more tactical look not fancy.

the studs for the bipod are very easy to install.
first mark with a penicl where you want the stud to be located, I held my bipod up to the rifle then marked it.
then you drill a pilot hole with the smallest bit yu have.
next drill a hole 1/2" deep with a 5/32" drill bit
then use a bit one size bigger and drill into that hole just 1/8" down this will help the screw find it way in the hole with out splintering the wood.
"one recommendation" before you drill put some tape on the wood, this will also help with the drill bits not spintering the wood.
after that put your stud in and use a long nail or punch to help you turn the stud in.
once the stud is in , the bipod will fasten to the bolt and away you go.

Sounds a lot harder than it is. I put it off for along while afriad I would mess up but once I did one the rest of my rifles were easy.

Good Luck


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