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I am not an expert this is what I did with mine

July 19 2009 at 6:49 PM

Tom  (Login critter99)

Response to No I didn't I've been busy.

the cheap brake cleaner from Murrys Auto I think its mostly acetone and Alcohol.

********** IMPORTANT******I removed trigger group as it plastic the cleaner will eat it************

then just held tube up and let brake cleaner just spray it out using the lil nozzle tube did not let it puddle in tube so it was barrel up hammer tube down

I was worried about the stem on the valve after and used a qtip to lube its shaft with a tiny bit of silicone grease just enough to wet it....silicone seems to lube rubber well but not metal and the disco has an oring on valve stem not sure if this mattered at all

Then after it all evaporated I lubed with some non detergent (SA rating is non detergent) I actually found it as a 10W30 which is lighter at a dollar store....but ya can get ND oil in 30wt almost anywhere in auto supply stores.

I would stay away from normal detergent automotive oils I am afraid they might destroy rubber etc

call me if ya like

let us know what happened

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