Let's figure out some Marauder Production Estimates... Your help please...

October 5 2009 at 8:01 PM

Bob D.  (Login MB-BOB)

We continue to have debates on the production numbers for Marauders. This is an attempt to estimate how many have been produced since the introduction in May.

Let me acknowledge right up front... This can't possibly be a scientific effort taken as gospel, since not everyone who has purchased an M-Rod posts on this forum. At best, this is an effort to estimate the highest serial number each month among the folks who frequent this forum.

Here's how it works: Each M-Rod has a 9-digit serial number. The first three digits determine the month of manufacture. My rifle's first 3 digits say "509" meaning it was produced in May (5) of 2009 (09). The last 3 digits are the actual serial number, four digits if production goes over a thousand in a given month... so far that is not the case.

Edit: We've recently learned that for the double digit months of the year (October, November and December) Crosman uses Alpha characters for the first digit (O, N and D).

So, without asking anyone to reveal their entire serial number (I'm not asking for the 3-digits in the middle), can everyone simply post in this thread with 509-XXX (May), 609-XXX (June), 709-XXX (Jul), 809-XXX (Aug), 909-XXX (Sep), etc...

In searching the forums, here's what I've found so far. If your rifle has a higher number (last three digits) than what is posted below, please reply to offer your higher number (You gotta provide both the first 3 and last 3 digits for this to work.)

May: 509xxx499 (updated Oct 14)

Jun: 609xxx442 (updated Oct 7)

Jul: 709xxx375 (updated Jan 19, 2010)

Aug: 809xxx465 (updated Oct 9)

Sep: 909xxx403 (updated Jan 9, 2010)

Oct: O09xxx300 (updated Feb 22, 2010)

Nov: N09xxx151 (updated May 9, 2010)

Dec: D09xxx245 (updated Feb 22, 2010)

Jan: 110xxx092 (updated Feb 22, 2010)

Feb: 210xxx186 (updated Mar 23, 2010)

I will edit this thread occassionally to post revised high numbers, based on input below...

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