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News Flash... Last week was holiday vacation time...

January 4 2010 at 8:53 PM

Bob D.  (Login MB-BOB)

Response to Gave up on the marauder

I wouldn't be at all surprised if each of the shops you tried to call or email were operating at skeleton staff, it they were open at all. I shopped 5 different Walmarts looking for a Centerpoint Scope, and 4 were out of stock. All sold out for the holidays. So either they are not open, or are all tapped out of products in the Christmas rush.

If you let the availability of vendors during the Christmas holidays sway your opinion of which rifle to buy, then I would suggest your priorities are slightly out of whack.

The Marauder and S200 are vastly different rifles. I'm not sure how you can consider them in the same thought process. Not knocking either rifle at all.

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