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February 18 2010 at 9:19 PM
RJ  (Login beetburger)

Response to how often do you need to clean the mrod barrel? (.22)

The Mrod barrels are rough inside as they come from the factory. If you inspect the bore using a strong light, you can see how ragged the rifling is. These ragged bores collect the gunk that is always on Crosman pellets and also probably strip some lead. The cure is simple. Take a bore mop and coat it with jewelers rouge. Give the bore a good workout with this but don't overdo it. Fifteen or twenty strokes should be enough. Follow this with another clean mop coated with JB Bore paste. A dozen or so strokes should be sufficient to clean the rouge out of the rifling. Follow up with patches soaked with a solvent such as Goo Gone. Finish with clean, dry patches. The result is a much smoother bore with a polished look. Your gun should shoot tighter groups and stay clean longer. I have used this procedure with many guns over the years and have found it improves accuracy almost every time.

If you want to be more anal about it you can lap the barrel but IMO it's not worth the trouble. After all, this is a cheap airgun barrel you are working with!

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