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March 1 2010 at 11:25 AM
Doug Owen  (Login DKOwen)

Response to Doug, my comment was in reference...

I'm not sure I'd call it bewildered, but I'm having trouble understanding how experience as one of thousands making say Fords relates to the issues faced by the dozens trying to make Marauders. For sure each group from time to time has been unable to instantly provide products to all dealers in their network, I suspect for basically the same reasons. But perhaps the details aren't important. For sure I've read nothing to shake my experience based view that unexpected shortages happen 'in the real world' of small production. I still have never worked in such a problem free production environment nor worked with (or know of) anyone who has personally.

I was also distracted by the claim that Crosman was no longer claiming Made in USA status as proof. That seems to not be the case, either. As I was also distracted by the inference that observing the lack of delivery made the use of Chinese parts "obvious". I now understand that this is only obvious when viewed through a "metallurgical microscope", even though such a beast doesn't exist any more than 'starling binoculars' do (Metallurgists use the same light, electron and x-ray microscopes as other Material Scientists). I now come to understand that some third party expert whom you "barely understand" is the actual source of the theory that Crosman is 'cheating' and using Chinese suppliers rather than domestic ones. This is based on ability to "establish the comparative likeness" of the chemical (alloy) and grain structure (treatment) of the steel in Crosman and 'offshore' parts. Then again, these same steels are no doubt also similar to bridge hand rails and parts in those Fords as well. IMO this can prove nothing WRT country of origin. But since I don't get to question this, I guess this too will have to be taken on faith?

Hey, we've come a long way from the days of "guarantees" that there were "HUGE numbers of defective Marauders" out there that Crosman was covering up, perhaps the resolution to why they would risk problems to secretly buy Chinese steel rather than almost as cheap and easier to get domestic products will also come in the full measure of time. Wait and see, I guess.

Doug Owen

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