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Yes, The entire assy.

March 6 2010 at 11:00 PM

Ronald Woodruff  (Login coaldust)

Response to the whole bottom (air tube) ?

I ordered the complete assy fron Pacific Pellet to install on a one month old custom shop 2400 carbine with the long steel breech and 24in barrel. I received an email from them this AM and the tube is assembled and aired up to check for leakdown over the weekend. Comes with valve, fill cap, hammer, springs and rear cap. The only thing I did not order was the guage as I already have one to install, they are just going to plug the port hole.
I received my Marauder (from Pyramyd Air) and my FX hand pump (bought off yellow classified) both on friday and am waiting for the hose and fitting that shipped today. The Marauder makes the 5th air rifle I have purchased since the week before X-mas, Darn this is a fun hobby. Have retired all my powder burners except a custon Ruger 10/22 I keep by the bed for varmints. I don't count my 1911 officers model cause it stays with me all the time, also love TEXAS concelled carry rights.

QB78 Deluxe Rich from Mich tuned
crosman 2240 custom shop
QB79 Rich from Mich tuned
QB2078 mike melick tuned
22cal stock Marauder 3/5/2010

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