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As I said.....

March 16 2010 at 12:06 AM
Doug Owen  (Login DKOwen)

Response to Scuba Tank Visuals

As I said here a bit ago, this is not a code requirement. It's a good idea for sure in diving service, SCUBA tanks can see a lot of cycles and abuse, but it really makes very little sense in the typical useage we put the tanks to. They don't go in salt water, don't get banged on rocks and dropped in use (usually), aren't filled lots of times (cycles kill them, not static load) between hydro tests and generally aren't taken to very low pressures (let alone to zero) like dive tanks are. The risk is just not the same and this is reflected in the fact that at least some shops don't require it for airgun service. In fact the only two I ever took mine to didn't (although they did for diving service).

Consider that similar tanks used for other uses aren't annually inspected. SCBA, welding, Paintball, medical Oxygen and so on. No annual inspections, just normal hydro testing. IMO if there was a real threat in such use, the inspections would be a matter of law, not prudent caution.

Assuming the fill shop doesn't require it when you explain what you're up to (which you'll have to anyway since they don't fill for non divers....) you get to decide if the fifteen bucks a year buys you peace of mind or not.

Doug Owen

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