Finally had a chance to wring the Mrod out at 50, 100 and 150yds, and

April 30 2010 at 10:12 PM
Jamie  (Login USMCShooter)

found a couple of more Pellets that it liked. After my disappointment with the recent run of Benji HP's, my former favorite plinking pellet, I took the advice of a few here and ordered some FTS's and Crosman Pointed Hunting pellets.......and boy was I surprised.

I'm running the stock barrel right now that Greg worked his magic on, it still hates JSB's, but really loves the predators, and that's a must for me. I posted previously of some 30-shot, 50yd groups with the Benji Hp's that I could cover with a dime.......the last batch I bought put flyers out to 6 inches at 50yds.....hence the pellet order.

It's been raining this afternoon, and I couln't make it up to Little Rock....but between showers, the wind was pretty light, couldn't mow the, ran over to a buddy's house and set the bench and targets up......I started at 25yds, but it put the FTS's and Crosman Points into one hole......good start for sure....

So I backed it out to 50yds....wind was still light, with the occasional light gust...and the bench was not the most stable I've ever shot across, but I made do.......I also decided to run a clip of H&N Barracuda Match just for verification purposes, as I know how it shoots these....

I usually shoot 20-30 shot groups, but with a storm threatening, decided on one magazine of 10 for each pellet.....

[linked image]
Predators at 50yds

[linked image]
FTS's at 50yds

[linked image]
Crosman Pointed's

[linked image]
H&N Barracuda Match

Well, well, likes them both, and still shoots the preds right on the money...well inside MOSH (Minute of Squirrel Head) let's take it out to 100.

[linked image]
Holy Schmoly! Out of the Tin Crosman Points with some verical stringing that was probably me! Wow!

[linked image]
Predators shot like they have before.

[linked image]
Well now, FTS's at 100...wind may have been a factor on a couple, but still very nice.

So now I'm very impressed with these two pellets....and there will be more on order......wind was still reasonable, but I could hear thunder in the ran the Target out to 150yds, and had my bud stand out there and put his finger on the shot holes so I would at least have a reference....forgot the spotting scope Dangit!

[linked image]
First time I've shot the gun this far and was pleased with the Preds. I was worried after some folks reported they dropped off hard at longer ranges.

[linked image]
Not bad for cheap Crosman was growing dark, so may explain the different groups? Wind was picking up a bit too.

[linked image]
Here are the FTS's....Wind was gusting more, so think they will do significantly better with no wind and better light.

[linked image]
And here's the beauty herself.

This is a GD-tuned Mrod, with a stock, massaged barrel, in a James Linthicum stock, Tim Einck trigger and guard, 4-12X44 SWAT Leapers scope......shoots 16gr Predators at an average of 963fps for 30 shots.....for the Mrod can't scoff at this will shoot and shoot with the best guns I've had the opportunity to touch the trigger on.....

Semper Fi,


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