Disco Brought Me Back !!!

August 5 2010 at 6:57 PM
Tim A  (Login windtek)

I have been out of the Airgun hobby for about 5 years now. I was sitting around one afternoon a month or so ago and decided to look up some info on the latest airguns. After searching for a few minutes I found the Benjamin Discovery I was really into Crosman CO2 guns before I sold everything and got away from the hobby but this PCP gun really caught my attention. So the next day I ordered a .22 Cal Discovery so three or four days pass I call the wife from work to see if my package was there and sure enough it was. I rushed home the shipping box perfect not a mark opened that and the Benjamin Box perfect opened that and couldn't believe it when the stock was broken in half right behind the receiver. Not exactly the welcome back to Airguns I was looking for.

I didn't bother contacting the web site I ordered the gun from I called Crosman direct and spoke with Jan in customer service she assured me no worry's she would get a new stock shipped ASAP. The next morning (Friday) I had a email from Jan telling me she had to work her magic but a new stock would be there today. All I can say is when I came home later that day I was a little hesitant to open the box I was afraid I would get a ugly stock or something wouldn't be right but much to my surprise the stock was not only perfect it looked a 1000 times better than the original stock. I received a beautiful High Grain Walnut Gem!

A half hour later I had the New Stock & New Scope I purchased on the gun and was off to the old homestead to sight my new beauty in. The first 10 shots were shooting low and right but not bad groups for a gun not broken in. By the time I left my Mom's house I was shooting 5 shot groups you could cover with a dime at 35 yards. I am excited to be back into the hobby I really have missed it I am also excited about the Products my favorite Gun Company Crosman is putting on the market these days. I just wanted to share this story time to go out and shoot a few rounds. One last thing can't wait to go pick up my new NSPP .22cal I ordered at the local gun shop tomorrow Uh Oh here I go again feels just like yesterday! Thanks for reading Tim A

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