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Me too

October 20 2010 at 7:20 PM
Mach-1  (Login Mach-1)

Response to Learning about my disco 22

Had mine for a couple years and it was my first PCP and first serious airgun. Did lots of mods to improve it.

Knowing what I know now I'd have only done the following:
1. Cleaned and polished the barrel a lot more right off the bat.
2. Three screw trigger mod.
3. Polish trigger parts. Do not forget to retemper the sear.
4. Free float the barrel. Drill out the band to 1/2" to achieve the goal.
5. Shoot the snot out of it.

BTW... I think the last one was the most important. Just get it smoothed out with lead as fast as you can.

My 22 Discovery now gives me a 1/4" hole for 15 shots at 30 yards with 18 fpe. Start at 1,700 psi and shoot 15 shots then refill.

I can of course fill to 2,000 and shoot down to 1,000 but at the high end it shoot 1/2" low and bounce left to right and below 1,400'ish it shoots 1/2" high but stacks at that new POI down to 1,000 psi. Barrel harmonics is my best guess.

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