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Your striker spring should not be lighter than your valve spring

March 30 2011 at 10:34 PM
Lorrin  (Login leel)

Response to Chrony results

My gun has a valve spring that is really light, I can depress the valve shaft easily with my little finger and it is difficult to depress the hammer spring with a finger. I used a digital postal scale to measure the spring tension of both springs when I built my gun and I seem to remember that the hammer spring was about 3 or 4 times the strength of the valve spring. Remember that the hammer spring has to open the valve against the air pressure inside the valve also ( 2000 pounds in your case ). I bet your valve is not opening much at all unless something else is wrong with the gun's operation right now.. You don't have to disassemble the gun very far to try a heavier hammer spring. How long is your barrel?
I remember that I used the stock hammer spring and a much lighter valve spring than stock...
Remember to have the bolt cocked when you fill the gun from empty so that the hammer spring is not holding the valve open when you first fill the gun. If you don't do that, the air will just exit through the valve and out the barrel.
Good luck, Lorrin

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