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New Disco problems

August 23 2011 at 8:52 AM
Tony J.  (Login sandog)

Got a new discovery .22 last week.I filled it to 2000 psi from my scuba tank and tried and fired three shots off the back deck. Put the rifle away, and when I looked at the gauge the next day, it appeared as though all the remaining air had leaked out. I had ordered a power adjuster and HDD from AoA, and when they arrived the next day, I installed them. The parts diagram that came w/ the parts wasn't that great, bur I had good diagrams from the Crosman website that I had printed out. All went well w/ the install,except the transfer port and seal fell out when I removed the Breech/barrel from the air tube. I thought I replaced them correctly, tapered end down and the stepped end up. The next day, I mounted a scope,filled to 2000 psi. and tried a few shots at my bullet trap. The shot were so weak the pellet barely made it to the trap. I had had the power adjuster screwed maybe half way out, so I turned it out a few more turns, same thing, very weak. I thought I must have reassembled it wrong but couldn't see how. Checked the rifle again the next day and all the air had leaked out again. ?????? Any suggestions?

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