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Hepotter- HELP!!! (some more:)

April 24 2012 at 7:52 PM
wayne  (Login waynejitsu)

Response to Easily Done

Thank you for your post.
A couple of questions-
What size drill is a .118 in fractions? like a 1/16? 3/32? etc??

Where do I get a GMAC 22XX Heavy duty spring and what is the cost of the spring?
What is the cost of shipping?
Anything else I would need?

Basically, you are saying just a larger transfer port would do it (700fps using 18.1gn pellets)
Do I need a bench drill to make a "perfect" hole?

Let me know if I got this right-
Make the port .118 and where it is factory set should jump up to 700fps? (adjust if needed)

How many shots do you get with your gun and .118 port?
What pellet weight do you use?
What is the velocity?

Thank you very much, sounds like a plan:)
PS, any video's, etc of how to take this apart, etc? If you do not know, I will do a search..., just thought if you had a link to one, it would be a big tome saver:)

Thanks again for your information and help!!!

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