I was thinking of turning my Disco.into a bottle gun like

June 14 2012 at 3:43 PM
Bill B.  (Login billyquest)

the QB79's are with the 13cu.in.bottles. I want to put the 22cu.in.bottle on mine with a regulater like the JDS bottles.I want to cut the air tube,and permanently mount the bottle block(I'll have it were I can remove to work on gun if needed).Does the JDS block fit the I.D.of the tube well? Any input on were I might get the right part? I want to take the gauge mounting assembly out,and mill the port larger with out damaging the gauge threads.This Disco. will be .177,so will there have to be a spring tensioner installed for constant shot velocity? I was thinking if I set the tank reg.to consistanly exhaust 1000psi. my pellet fps.should remain some what consistant,and give me an outrageous shot count! I figure I should get some where around 950's,or 980's with that set up depending on pellet weight.Do you guys think that's a good velocity,or should I go for more power? I already have a TKO LDC for it,so that should settle any noise issues.I don't want radical vel.,and bad accuracy.I want a happy medium.On the Lyod's double-tube video he says that the hole in the gauge mounting block inside the tube acts as a regulator for the gun,so my question is how big of a diam.hole do I have to mill to negate this kind of action from happening,and do I want that to happen? I thought that I need to make the hole large enough to allow the air to flow unobstructed,yet small enough not to be detrimental to the block.Any suggestions on the size? Let me know what you guys think.I'll be waiting to see what we come up with.Thanks.

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