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I haven't done a thing to mine--

June 17 2012 at 10:39 PM

ray1377  (Login ray1377)

Response to Does anybody shoot their Disco just as it comes from the factory?

My wife bought me a .177 caliber disco for Christmas in 2010.
And I haven't changed a single screw on it.
It actually loves the inexpensive Crosman hollowpoint 7.9 gr. pellets that walmart sells.
Dime size groups at 40+ yards are easy.
I put a 3-9x32 Centerpoint scope on it and made a sling to make it easier to carry
when I squirrel hunt with it.
And to date, my longest squirrel kill shot is 56 yds.
I fill to 2000 psi and the gun will shoot a half inch high until the pressure reaches
1800 psi, and then is flat and dead on until reaching 1200 psi.
I liked this gun so much, I downloaded the parts manual and ordered all the pieces to build myself a .22 caliber version.
It is not stock and is tuned for 35 fpe with 21.4 gr. H&N Barracudas.
I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good PCP.

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