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Discovery/Katana POI shifts... Need some advice...

March 29 2013 at 12:15 PM
JohnL57  (Login JohnL57)

Hi, All,
I've been trying to dial in my Benji Katana and could use some direction. I'm getting 1/2" and sometimes 3/8" groups at 50 yards,BUT the POI will shift from fill to fill. Yesterday evening I got it dialed for 50 yds, next fill the POI shifted 3/4" down and 3/4" left. Still a very tight group, 1/2" five shots. I am aware of the tiny breech screw issues and have tightened it down. I haven't put a second barrel band in front of the breech yet, but I guess that's my next step. Have tried two different scopes with no difference. I am using cheap Barska rings and may try upgrading to something better like a BKL. I've done some searching on this and i think I've covered just about everything, but any advice from here would be welcome, That tack driver is so close I can taste it! John

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