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Try Robert's idea first, that would be quick....

April 1 2013 at 12:02 PM
Art Deuel  (Login ADeuel)

Response to Haven't had time-I'm hoping to work on it any ideas?nt

If that doesn't fix it I have something you can try. I had one that acted very similar to what you describe.

While you have the stock off to install the tie, check to see if there are any hi spots in the stock that are pushing against the air tube. Ideally you want the air tube to be a free float from the gauge port and forward.

I had one that drove me crazy until I figured it out. Metal has a "grain" just like wood and sometimes it will change with pressure. The one I had would actually move into a very slight curve as the air pressure was increased and then relax as the pressure dropped. This wasn't anything that you could notice simply by looking at it. As the tube moved it also moved the barrel and hence the group would also move.

I replaced the air tube and the gun shoots normal now.
I like to use two barrel bands on the Discos.


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