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April 30 2013 at 1:43 AM
R.A.I.  (Login RArmsInnovations)

Response to Looks cool - do they hold up?

Mach-1, I own the exact adapter that is pictured because I am the designer of that product and owner of R.A.I.. The tube that the end cap is secured to is not cheap mild steel,it has to be able to withstand and sustain a working pressure of 3000 psi.Also the end cap itself is a healthy piece of steel.Thank You for the compliment that it looks cool and mine is extremely functional,It had to be, I designed it for my son who is getting into the sport and if it did not fit him his groups would not be very appealing. Kids lose interest fast if they are not happy with their results.I have designed the only AR stock adapter that is fully adjustable for horizontal,vertical,and diagonal movement of the buffer tube,and cant of butstock is controlled by where you tighten the lock ring down.This come about to allow perfect eye alignment with the scope.It was done this way so he could grow into the P-rod and still be shooting good groups many years in the future.I liked the end result so much, I set up a P-rod the same way and am loving it.Shot a 59 out of 60 with it tonight at silhouette's.My adapter is made of aircraft grade aluminum and mil spec anodized, held together with a quality capscrew that is vented to prevent hammer vacuum.Much stronger and way better fit than the factory.I don't want this response to sound like a promotion,I just wanted to address the strength issue for you,and clarify that the one pictured is not like any others out there.

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