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May 5 2013 at 11:27 PM
R.A.I.  (Login RArmsInnovations)

Response to Is it vented by any chance? I've got one from someone

Jamie, Yes it is vented,When in prototype phase I noticed that without being vented the velocity was erratic due to vacuum on the hammer.So after venting the unit things returned to normal,so before putting into production I made sure the bugs were all worked out.We wanted ours to be as accurate as possible. I am very happy with the end result.This adapter transforms the P-Rod into a very accurate lightweight pellet gun.However in your question you mentioned problems when filling to 3000psi.Initially I noticed it being off when first filled to 3000psi for a few shots,after researching it,someone online was saying they had similar issues and they corrected the problem by filling to less pressure. Now I only fill to around 2750 and things are consistent.Our guns are completely stock right now,If a person had a stronger hammer spring or heavier hammer filling to 3000 may be okay. As of right now I am only mass producing adapters made to take the AR Style buffer tubes because In my opinion this is a stronger set up than the Tippman stock plastic rod.If I get enough requests for it to use the Tippman style I will make them available.the buffer tube has to be made for a actual AR because the copies made for air soft AR's have smaller threads where they screw into the receiver ,but I have been told that the stock itself should be interchangeable. Feel free to check out my website and email me any questions you may have.

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