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Re: Benji Discovery/Katana POI shifts.. still not what?

May 6 2013 at 6:24 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Benji Discovery/Katana POI shifts.. still not what?

Worth it to try free floating. Even though Ive had no luck keeping POI stable, enough people have written about it that I have to believe its worth a try. I kept getting major shifts between range sessions, but I dont store or transport my airguns like they were the Dead Sea scrolls.

The two ban method you use, with the inletted rear band, has worked for me. Even during hunts where the rifle will ride along in a Jeep rear seat over country paths then get bounced along in a flat bottom boat to get where the critters are.

You do have the option of moving the front barrel band to different locations, hoping to find a spot that agrees with whatever barrel vibrations are happening. I found several spots that actually make the gun worse, but on mine having the front band near the end of the air tube worked out best.

Worth farting around with the stock. Loosen that screw ΒΌ turn and see if the POI changes drastically. Being orgainic, wood can warp/bow/bend a little, which could set up some stress. Alternately, with just one stock screw, it could shift a bit. If too loose. If loosening and tightening the stock screw moves the POI all over the place, consider bedding the stock.

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