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robert's advice works!

May 11 2013 at 3:27 PM
Alan  (Login alpal87)

Response to Re: Benji Discovery/Katana POI shifts.. still not what?

I followed some of robert's posts from a few years ago on all his testing and transporting of his disco for POI shifting.
Free floating the barrel does work. I have one barrel band back at the gauge, and one other that is drilled out up at the front just to protect the barrel from getting tweaked. This benji is accurate. I find i get a very consistent 12-15 shot string out of my .22 disco and fill pressure changes depending on pellet used. If all else fails than it could just be a bad barrel, which could always be remedied with some bore paste and polishing.

I have a .177 barrel right now that has burs up at the bore and a somewhat tighter bore than the rest of the barrel. I'm using wood pencil for some and a lead plug which i can pull through into the bore but not quite all the way out and jb bore past to smooth it all out.

Edit: I absolutely love the lightness and handling of the disco. the .22 is a great little hunter, i plan on doing power mods next. In the mean time i'm building a .177 version for field target as i'm pretty confident in the accuracy of my .22, i'm trying to do the same with the .177.

Also new barrels are pretty cheap...$30 i think

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