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that's a great grouping, poi shift sucks though

May 11 2013 at 6:00 PM
Alan  (Login alpal87)

Response to It's not as if the barrel won't group-the POI keeps shifting...

As i said, only way i was ever able to fix it wasn't to exactly FREE float the barrel as the single set screw and single breech screw just aren't enough to keep that breech still. I physically took wood clamps to it before screwing the breech screw on, once i got that in tight, i put the barrel band back as far as i could, which was aboout 1/2" in front of the gauge and clamped the barrel down and effectively the front of the breech as well. Just like in roberts picture i put a peice of the rear sight rail barrel sleeve behind the barrel band and into the breech. after tightinging that barrel band back then i removed the clamps from around the breech and the air tube. i'm actually attempting all of this right now on my .177. Sadly i had to lap the barrel. Sounds like you're barrel is just fine. Maybe scope? or scope mounts?

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