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Tuning follow-up

March 18 2014 at 12:34 PM
Sean  (Login SmokeEater401)

Response to MAR as a FT gun


Hi there! I'm a fellow MAR177 owner and would really like to hear any updates & experience you've had with tuning or upgrading your MAR177.

I also recently picked up a Benjamin Marauder .22, which I've fallen in love with. I really dig all the tuning mods and upgrades for it that've been well documented by the airgun community. I'm hoping to find the same for the MAR177.

Most importantly, I'd like to find a solution for integrating a regulator into its airflow. That'd make a world of difference with that single mod alone in terms of improving the the MAR177's shot string consistency and overall accuracy. The very things that National Match shooters demand of their rifles.

Why in the world Crosman would not have added an inline regulator to its design baffles me. I was adding regulators to paintball markers back in 2000 and getting great results from it.

I hope to hear from you or anyone else on updated MAR177 tuning info soon.


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