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marauder .22 accuracy problem

October 28 2009 at 1:12 AM
johnny  (Login johnny366)

i am new to the hpa shooting game and am really in need of some advice and tips from the guys in the know. i'm not going to mention any names because i'm not hear to attack or badmouth anyone. i sent the gun back and they are going to replace it. nuff said on that. my favorite pass time is squirrel hunting with an airgun. i own several mike melick tuned qb78's and a slew of scoped benji and dans. the squirrels are getting wary so i wanted something quiet. i bought a new marauder in .22, benji pump, scope and scope mounts. the gun came and as soon as i opened the outer box i started having questions. when i took out the boxed marauder i noticed the box was a little ragged with a couple of breaks and tears. it was also taped shut with the clear tape. the obvious staple holes were there but the staples had already been removed. i took the gun out and examined it. the wood looked great with no noticable marks. the metal was another thing. it had scratches and hanling marks on the receiver and tubes. i've read a good bit on the marauder and everything i've read led to believe this was the rifle for me, especially the accuracy. the first thing i'm told was to clean the barrel thoroughly. i used patches with goo gone sparingly pulled thru with fishing line from the breech end until the patches came out clean. before i cleaned the barrel i looked down it from the muzzle using a bore light. i noticed a scratch on the left side of the barrel about two inches long. this was a straight scratch going across the lands and grooves, not one twisting with it. after i cleaned the bore it was still there. i mounted the scope and mounts and took the rifle to the range after pumping it up to the recommended 2600 psi. i chronied a few shots and they were right on what i wanted to shoot this gun at 850 fps with 16.2 grain jsb exacts. i ordered an extra magazine so i would have one for hunting. everyone says the cr prem in the 625 count box was the most accurate in the marauder so i started with it. shooting off the bench with sandbags at 25 yards it would put 2 or 3 pellets in the same hole then throw 1 two inches left or low. i continued to fire two mags of the cr pellets thru it. shoot 2 or 3 in the same hole then flyers way off. i could actually see the pellet curve whichever way it was going to go. pumped the gun back to 2600 psi and tried the jsb pellets. same thing 2 or 3 in the same hole then a flyer left or low. i checked and the barrel band is tight with about the same amount of light around it. i got aggravated, packaged the gun up and sent it back. i wish after reading a little more about sometimes the pellets contacting the baffles i had removed them and shot it to see if that was my problem. when i talked to company about replacing it they were very polite and professional. told me to send it back for an exchange. i asked her if it was possible that someone else ordered the rifle, had accuracy problems, sent it back and they just restocked it sending it out to the next customer or if it was possible i had bought a refurbished gun? i told her about the box already being opened and taped. i told her i wanted it replaced with a NEW, UNOPENED gun this time. i loved the quietness and the looks and power of the gun, but i am used to my guns shooting a ragged hole at 25 yards, not 2 or three shots and flyers 2 inches off. HELP??????????

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(Login anewguy)

sound like it may be a used gun

October 28 2009, 1:20 AM 

from the scratches to the box being taped down, it may be a returned gun.

Let's wait until you get a new rifle and see if it'll shoot.

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Doug Owen
(Login DKOwen)

Let's hope not.....

October 28 2009, 9:57 AM 

It's illegal to sell as new any product that has been sold before (all or part), even if it 'goes back to the factory'. If there's even a single part that's been sold before it has to be sold as 'used', 'refurbished' or something similar. The assumption is the product is new otherwise.

Let's hope no dealer is pushing returns off as new. If this is the case, I suggest a call to Crosman is in order. They no doubt don't want this sort of BS going on. Sending a gun with potential problems to another customer is not cool.

Doug Owen

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(Login jimairgun)

Johnny.... I think I can help..

October 28 2009, 9:37 AM 

I have Marauder Number 91 and had an identical problem.

It sounds like you have a clipping problem- i.e. the pellet hitting the baffels or endcap in the shroud as it exits. I doubt it is the basic barrel quality as most of the barrels are just fine.

The first thing you need to do is ACCURATELY measure the hole on the end cap for the exit of the pellet.The early internal shroud baffel/end cap holes are .250" and were simply too tight for the barrel /shroud setup the Marauder uses on a .22 cal gun..They were fine for the .177s but not good on the .22s. The recent guns have been changed to holes that are roughly .280" or 9/32"

My number 91 was origioanally bought both for use as a hunter AND as a "shop gun" for designing new stocks for the rifle.It shot poorly at 25 yards until the baffles and end cap were replaced with the new units avaliable from Crosman just last week.

Once that was done, it shoots like a champ. The gun went from patterns of 1.5" to 2" at 25 yards to EVERY group being under .5" at 25 yards and the averge being .30" center to center.

I am very happy with the rifle now . Frankly, have never seen such a dramatic change in accuracy with any rifle as I have seen with that simple parts change..

If I were you, I would call Crosman customer service and IF you do have the tighter shroud internals ,INSIST that they send you the new parts free of charge.

For $500+ rifle, you should not have to pay for such a basic "fix", IMHO.


James Linthicum
Quality Gunstocks
Dodge City, KS
Email- qualitystocks@live.com

"Always do the right thing, it will gratify some people and astonish the rest"-

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(Login USMCShooter)

Johnny, hopefully you will recieve a recently manufactured

October 28 2009, 1:14 PM 

Mrod in return....all of the above issues have been addressed with the newer guns. I shot one this past weekend from the Sep '09 batch and the endcap and baffles were larger than previous models, as well as the bolt and trigger group upgraded.....the rifle shot nearly everything (6 different pellets) with exceptional accuracy...keep us posted on your progress...I love mine, as do many others, I'm sure this will come out in your favor in the end....



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(Login longislandhunter)

replacement baffles and end cap

October 28 2009, 4:28 PM 

I have a .22 Marauder from the 1st 100 (#25) and was having the same problem with flyers. I called Crosman this morning and the customer service guy told me "no problem, I'll send you out a new set of baffles and a new end cap right away no charge". He told me that this was a common problem with the older marauders due to the baffles and end cap being bored a bit to small. He also told me if I ever have a problem with the bolt or the trigger, both of which have been re-designed, to give him a call and Crosman will take care of it. I thanked him for his polite and professional assistance.

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Wayne Luxich
(Login todywayne)

Now thats what I call Customer Service.... Way to go Crosman!

October 28 2009, 10:31 PM 


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(Login johnny366)

thanks to everyone that answered and the rest of the story

October 30 2009, 2:12 AM 

well i talked to the girl again today and she said the rifle should be back there tomorrow and that they would have to inspect it and it could take up to 10 days for them to send me another one. so far i've mentioned no names but if i don't get satisfactory results i will post on every forum who this company is. the thing that upsets me is i received the rifle and sent it back on the same day it was shooting so poorly. they gave me a ups mailing slip to print off, i did and sent it back the same day. the first girl i talked to gave me a totally different story. she said as soon as ups picked it up and they had a tracking # to know i had returned it they would send me a new gun. the second time i called another girl told me oh no we don't do that we'll have to receive your gun, inspect it(should've inspected it before you sent me a used/defective gun someone else had already tried out and returned) and send you another which could take up to 10 days. now i'm getting p.o.ed don't know about you but i think if i spend 800.00 for a rifle and all the bells and whistles (especially when the first gun was obviously used/defective since the box was ragged and had been opened and taped reshut when i received it) they should send me a new one as soon as they were able to track it like the first girl said. now i've got at least a week to wait. i did tell the girl i talked to yesterday i wanted a NEW/UNOPENED gun this time and that i was going to open it while the ups man was there and if the inside box is not unopened, i was going to refuse it right there and send it back for a refund. there are more places than this one to buy a gun from. again thanks to everyone that replied.

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(Login johnny366)

thanks to everone

November 5 2009, 2:04 AM 

that replied with their tips. i received the new one yesterday and it's shooting jsb 16 grn jumbo exacts at 850-875 fps out of the box and shoots one holers at 25 yards off the bench sandbagged. thanks again to everyone!!!!!!!!!

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