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Center Point / Crosman Scope question

January 1 2010 at 1:35 PM
Kyle  (Login tiredude)

I have bought 2) 3-9x40 Center Point Scopes both came with the mounts one is a 3 screw base mount and the other is a 4 screw base mount. The scopes are also different, very similar but they are in fact different. My question, Is one scope tougher / better / stronger than the other? I am putting the 4 screw mount on a RWS 54 and the 3 screw mount on a old R7 but have not decided which scope to put on which gun? If one has a better reputation and is known to be stronger than I would want that to end up on the RWS 54 as it is known to be a hammer on scopes. I can take pics but thought someone here would be familiar with the 2 variations and be able to direct me.

Thanks in Advance


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(Login gmh45345)

Re: Center Point / Crosman Scope question

January 2 2010, 1:37 PM 

I have a Leaper 3x9 on my RWS 48 that has survived over 2000 shots,much better that a couple of BSA. You may want to get the model# of the scopes and check one of the online dealers for discription differencese.

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Dan Kennison
(Login kennisondan)


January 2 2010, 9:55 PM 

Hi: if possible, checkj of those which were rated for springers.. I ust put one of the elss expensive Nikon scpoes on myAA springer...but since eidid no have any stops that fit the rings to the base,I just used two entire sets of rings...I used some soft electric tape in the ring, and a touchof clear polish to tack it, keep the screws tight, and the light xmoothe covering where the base meets barrel, base meet rings : the clear hardened polish would give away any problem with movement at all...mine has not moved for a pretty long time, at all...
hope that helps.

without the wealth of info out there myhumlbe opinion is that most socpes can hold up but that o ething is for sure, the lesase little movement allows it to be seen..and corrected...If thereis movement the added recoil impulses destry the scope.do not overlook the solidity of the rings.. later


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