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any and all machinests please help!!

September 9 2010 at 4:57 PM
tom  (Login caboose212)

hello all!! i would like a breech/half shroud and a gas through bolt made for a disco- i know that it'll probably be a bit costly, but it's a "what if/can it be done" project. i have an airsoft gas rifle reciever and bolt. its almost a 1 to 1 scale remington 700 short action copy. i was wondering if any machinists out there would be willing (if i sent you the parts and some other drawings) to make me a breech/bolt for a disco? i dont need a trigger (a modified one is needed, im making that) made, but id like to keep the stock mounting area for it. also, i want to reuse as much disco stuff as possible (minus the breech and bolt of course) if i have to go w/a poly tube instead of the standard transfer tube so be it. please email me at bigjimmy212@yahoo.com if willing to consider this project. thanks for your time!!!

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