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More On M_Rod String Below..

April 15 2011 at 5:04 AM
Dizz  (Login Samples)

I just pumped it up to 3250psi,and I was getting 770 to start the string below@3000psi with Barracuda Match 22 cal,Now 5 shots at higher pressure:
755,758,762,760,760,and showing 3200 on the gauge on the gun after these 5 shots,but the pump shows 100psi less.This might give me 8 or so more shots.
I notice after I pump it up,it will show a little lower than the pump,maybe 200psi,but when I shoot it one time,it jumps up to 100psi higher than the pump gauge?Just a little quirk in the gun gauge I`m sure,but I would tend to think the pump gauge is the most accurate of the two.

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John Lucas
(Login jlucas50)

Don't confuse yourself with the gun's gauge...

April 15 2011, 9:23 AM 

EVERY PCP I own with a gauge gives me erroneous readings when compared to my fill source gauge. What is your goal? Velocity? Accuracy? Shot count? Depending on many factors, these characteristics are not inherently linked to one another. Unless you have the patience to systematically approach one characteristic at a time, you're making it tough on yourself. IMO, of course.

"Silence is the only thing that can hinder the Truth"

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I`m Looking For The

April 15 2011, 1:06 PM 

same as everybody else,I think.Someone below said that @ 3000psi,from my string earlier,that my gun was too far in the curve,so charging to 3250psi put me not quite into the curve,so I can see now if I charge the gun to 3150psi,I can get about 38 shots in the 765-775fps range with Barracuda pellets,for the most useable shots away from the pump.

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