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Question for anyone that has installed a P-Rod trigger group

March 26 2013 at 1:54 PM
SteveV  (Login stevevines)

to a 22XX format.

I have already installed the trigger group and have modified the 22XX hammer to work, but am not very happy with the results.

Have ordered the following parts from Crosman: 1763AO36 striker, 1700-015 hammer pin, and CH2009A009 hammer. Have also ordered the P-Rod hammer spring and guide, and have 2260 & Disco hammer springs on hand.

Will this be enough to get the P-Rod trigger group to work properly on a 22XX pistol?

here's the intended Frankenpistol

[linked image]

Thanks in advance


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Anthony R
(Login fivestar45)

That trigger group

March 29 2013, 11:09 AM 

should work out fine as long as you have a flat bottom striker, if you intend to use the adjuster (or what ever crosman calls it) that screws in the front of the striker you will need to shorten the valve stem about 1/16" otherwise you will lose 1/16" of stroke. Instead of that piece, I use a 1/4"x28 allen and grind the face flat, this will maintain the oem stroke, and allow you adjust stroke properly. Also, if you use the rear location 4/48 breech screw, you'll need to grind a notch to clear it long enough to suit your stroke possibilities.

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(Login Dutch.22)

That sure is purty nice wood....

April 3 2013, 10:03 PM 

is that hpa converted?

I still really like that little pistol you used @ the Nats a while back. When I make it down to GOB again, do you think you could bring it along so I could shoot it again? That was really a cool little shorty pistol. That gun would really make for a challenging squirrel hunt...


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And aaain't it grrreaaat to be livinnn in the USA.
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(Login stevevines)

Sure Dutch, no problemo -

April 4 2013, 8:51 AM 

although it's not quite as short as it used to be - it's sporting a 12" barrel now. Still shoots good though!

[linked image]

And yes the pistol with the ss tube runs on hpa, 2000 psi to be exact.

See ya at the GOB -


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