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What power, accuracy do you get from MRod 25?

April 10 2013 at 6:50 PM
Frank Shaffer  (Login FS2020)

A year ago I bought my first air gun, a Marauder 25 cal. It was my first love! What an amazing air gun! Now I have three PCP's, a 97 cu ft tank and a shoebox compressor.

I sent my MRod 25 to "Paul B in North TX" to have him do a power tune. He told me he could produce more than 70 fpe from my MRod 25, but he never even reached 60 fpe. Pasted below is an email exchange with Paul on Dec 5, 2012, as he was selling his 70+ fpe power tune.

Very nice man, but doesn't know how to do power tunes. I recommend Addicted2Airguns or a few others who have proven track records at power tuning MRods.

Frank Shaffer, MSME

Here's the email exchange when he told me he could produce 70+ fpe from my MRod 25. I've replaced his last name with "------" since he goes by "Paul B. in N. Texas" instead of using his real name. I have no problem using my real name and email:

"Franklin Shaffer
to: Paul B------
date: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 1:01 PM
subject: Re: Marauder tune; Frank Shaffer
mailed-by: gmail.comPaul

How high do you think you can push the power output from an MRod 25?
What is the highest power output you've gotten from an Mrod 25 in the past?

from: Paul B------
to: fdshaffer@gmail.com
date: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 4:39 PM
subject: Re: Marauder tune; Frank Shaffer

Good questions.
I havent streched out a .25. I dont usually go for high power.
I would guess that is reasonable to think we could go out past 70fpe, but not with the 25g pellets and still expect accuracy. Pyramyd Air has some heavy .25 pellets if you want to try and see.

50fpe is really no problem. If I remember, I tuned a .25 for 24 shots over 900fps.
There was alot of work done on it but the problem wasnt the power, it was trying to get the power down low enouth to strech out the string to 24 shots over a very narrow spread.
Power has never been a problem, it's like a V8, just throw more gas at it!"

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(Login Rescue912)

I get similar results with mine ...

April 11 2013, 6:04 AM 

... and seldom miss the 3/4" spinner at 70 yards. With such great results, why bother with the LW barrel? Green Mountain are just as good in my experience. I have a 9mm GM barrel that I am fitting to a custom big bore and am looking forward to trying it with cast slugs.

Also, if you are going to sell that stock .25 barrel I get first right of refusal 8)


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Frank Shaffer
(Login FS2020)

Green Mnt barrel vs. Lothar Walther barrel?

April 11 2013, 7:22 PM 

Thanks for the response knt

I had trouble with accuracy with my stock Green Mountain barrel. I was getting dime sized groups at ten yards, and I would get a flyer every few shots with JSB Exact King 25.4 gr pellets.

I bought about twenty different kinds of 25 cal pellets from PA when they had a sale. I also ordered a Lothar Walther barrel. Jim is having health problems, so I'm patiently waiting for the LW barrel.

In the mean time I've been testing different pellets. Then I tried H&N Barracuda 31.02 gr round nose pellets and got incredible accuracy.

I discussed this with the gunsmith who tuned my MRod 25. He advises that the LW barrel should have slightly better accuracy and should have better accuracy with a wider range of pellet types.

I will post a report when I get the LW barrel. Update on May 21, 2013: the LW barrel caused a decrease in power to less than a stock MRod. I had to send my MRod 25 to someone who knows how to do power tunes.

Oh, and I'm sorry, but I've already agreed to sell my Green Mtn stock barrel to Les.

Best regards,

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(Login PakProtector)


April 12 2013, 6:29 AM 

I spent a few mornings with the GM barreled 25 cal and got pretty consistently 1.25", 8-shot groups. I re-barreled with a BSA barrel and with very limited time, and failing light I got just under an inch. I am confident this can be improved upon with better driving on my part. Another advantage to the aftermarket is ability to get them longer. For what ever you decide upon, get it as long as you can; efficiency goes up...wink.gif

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(Login Mach-1)

Same good accuracy with my 25 cal Marauder

April 12 2013, 4:48 PM 

Mine is bone stock. Have not touched it in any way. Fill it to 2,800 psi and get 16 dead on shots. Perfect for hunting.

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