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Partitions (MAXL / ESSCMD gurus please...)

June 15 2005 at 11:55 AM
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We have two Essbase servers, one production and one development (what a breakthrough idea!). I'll call them PROD and DEV.

The databases on each server are heavily partitioned to one another (one database has over 40 partitions). No partitions cross over to a different server.

These partitions are constantly changing through MAXL scripts that delete, create and modify them every single day. Not all the partitions but a few are sure to change each day.

Needless to say (and yet here I am stating it), synchronizing the PROD and DEV is a pain. I can easily synchronize outlines, data, calc scripts, etc by copying and pasting the APP directory from one server to another. That works perfect for me...

EXCEPT for the partitions. The DDB files from PROD when opened in DEV still point to PROD. When opening them from Application Manager, there's that great dialog box that allows you to "correct the missing half" (or something like that). I could do that, but there's hundreds of partitions (so I'd rather not do it manually).

SO MY QUESTION IS: Does MAXL (or ESSCMD) have a facility to do this "correction"?

The only possible solution I can think of is exporting the partition definitions using ESSCMD (PRINTPARTITIONDEFFILE) into text files, then write some sort of script that will go through those text files and generate MAXL scripts to create the partitions on DEV (replacing "PROD" with "DEV", of course).

I'm about to do that... but, again, I'd rather not.

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