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Three ways to do this

January 6 2011 at 7:36 AM
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Cameron Lackpour 
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Response to SQL Connecting Directly into Essbase

The most simple is SQL load rules:

The old fashioned way is EIS:

The modern way:

These links and more are available on:

SQL load rules are just like regular load rules except the data source is a table, not a file. And oh yes, you can do SQL manipulation via the SELECT statement, although that isn't a great place to do it.

EIS and Studio make sense in the context of a true data warehouse with a nice star schema all ready to go (or something pretty darn close).

It has been my experience that many data warehouses are "We dump all of our completely unrelated tables used for querying into schema/database X. Henceforth, schema/database X is our Data Warehouse." If that's the case, you (or someone) are going to spend a lot of time writing SQL trying to get the tables into a format that is ready for EIS/Studio. Actually, no matter what tool you use, a lot of time is likely to be spent writing SQL to get meaningful data/metadata out.

Once upon a time, Hyperion charged dearly for the SQL interface and its use was limited. Since Oracle took over, it's been included in the base Essbase license and I see it everywhere.

I'm not 100% sure of this, but I *believe* Studio/EIS are also now part of the standard install.


Cameron Lackpour

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