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Re: Requirements...

August 29 2011 at 4:47 AM
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Response to Re: Requirements...

Well, I have tried another approach - without luck.
My intention was to update the data and perform an cancel to the operation after I browsed the result, for instance (truncated code):

EssGSetGridOption( hGrid, ESSG_OP_UPDATEMODE, reinterpret_cast< ESSG_PVOID_T > ( ESSG_TRUE ) );
EssGBeginUpdate( hGrid, ulOptions );
EssGSendRows( hGrid, cSafeTable->mpcRange, cSafeTable->mppTable );
EssGCancelOperation( hGrid, NULL );
EssGPerformOperation( hGrid, NULL );

Now I can browse the results...

EssGCancelOperation( hGrid, NULL );

But the cancel operation does not undo the update as I thought.

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